Team Epiphany Server

Team Epiphany Minecraft Server:

This server was created for the fans of Team Epiphany to play and have fun with others. The server runs 24/7 and can be joined at any time with a max player count of 120. The server is strictly survival so start gathering materials to survive. You may also like to  join Factions and work together. PVP is also allowed so make sure you stay hidden or travel in groups. Most importantly have fun!

 Quick Notes:

-Chests that are placed by you are automatically locked for you only, so keep all your valuables in there.
-If u make a property that you really like and don’t want anyone to wreck it u can Purchase a World Guard “Visit The Store”
-When we say no swearing we mean no swearing u are automatically killed if you do! “go ahead try it out;)
-There is no TNT or fire spread so don’t worry about being blown up
-Click “T” to talk and “Enter” to post.
-If you die just type “/Back: to spawn back to where u died”

Team Epiphany Server Rules:

-No profanity, Racism or Spamming
-No Greifing!
-Treat all players with respect and honesty
-Do not build anything offensive to other players
-No modding!
-Do not ask for XP or items none will be given out  (You May Purchase Some From The Store)
-Remember this is complete survival survival there is no creative
-If there is no admin or mod online email (Only For serious issues)
-Most importantly have fun!

Support The Server And Become a Sponsor!!!!!!!!!!

*Running a Minecraft server isn’t cheap in order for us to continue running the server we are hoping to raise $100 a month to keep the server up and maintain the quality of it. By donating a specified amount from below you can gain sponsor privileges for the month and help everyone keep having fun. You may also buy booster packs to help you kick off any new build projects or grab some sweet diamond armour!

*(Click Here To Visit The Store)*

Server IP: Have Fun!

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